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Resistor resistance indication and identification method Jun 14, 2019

Identification of the resistance of the chip resistor: On the surface of the usual chip resistors, the numbers are identified or represented by letters. The resistance method is as follows.

China still needs to break through in the core technology of high-precision ADC chip Jun 13, 2019

It can be said that in the core ADC chip supply rate, the domestic market share is almost zero.

International Electronics Association semiconductor device model naming method Jun 12, 2019

This naming method consists of four basic parts, the symbols and meanings of each part are as follows:

Amphenol RJF Series Connector Jun 11, 2019

RJF uses the patented Amphenol Socapex RJ-STOP® process to convert standard legacy Ethernet lines to IP67 Ethernet connections

Banned Huawei or caused DRAM prices to drop by as much as 15% in the third quarter Jun 10, 2019

Market intelligence firm TrendForce expects a ban on Huawei or a DRAM price drop of up to 15% in the third quarter.

Multiple factors cause the sensor market to cool down Jun 8, 2019

After two years of strong growth, the sensor and actuator market has cooled down due to declining inventory, reduced unit shipments and economic uncertainty

Sino-US trade war, the UK's largest independent microchip CEO supports China Jun 7, 2019

If the technology trade war escalates, the electronics industry will have no choice but to fight the US with China – because all components are made in China and Asia.

Alibaba turned to the semiconductor market? What big move does Ma Yun have to do before he retirees? Jun 6, 2019

Two years ago, Trump was elected president of the United States. The first Chinese entrepreneur to meet with the media publicly was Ma Yun, who was then chairman of Alibaba's board of directors. At that time, Ma Yun and Trump walk...

Infineon officially announced the acquisition of Cypress, what impact will the global semiconductor industry and the automotive electronics market have? Jun 5, 2019

The semiconductor industry integration tide has not yet retreated. After NXP announced the acquisition of Marvell's wireless connection business last month, it has re-created a large-scale semiconductor merger.

TSMC sells stake in SMIC Jun 4, 2019

Wafer foundry leader TSMC announced on the 3rd that it has disposed of 9.43 million shares of SMIC held by the company, and the disposition benefits will be transferred to a retained surplus of approximately HK$31 million, equival...

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