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The layout and development of ROHM on semiconductor material Sic Aug 12, 2019

In response to the continuous expansion of the SiC market, ROHM has already made arrangements for increasing SiC capacity two years ago.

BA6247FP-Y, BA6238A are two motor / motion / ignition controllers and drivers Aug 2, 2019

The BA6247FP-Y, BA6238A reversible motor drive for output of 1.0A or higher for two motors drives a brushed motor and includes a semi-motor reversible motor drive circuit.

Broadcom's alphanumeric smart display is very reliable and has a long life Aug 1, 2019

Intelligent Display Parallel Interface (4, 8 characters) Broadcom's alphanumeric smart display is extremely reliable and has a long life span to meet a wide range of applications and requirements.

TSMC introduces 7nm and 5nm manufacturing processes with enhanced performance Aug 1, 2019

Foreign media reported that TSMC has quietly introduced a performance-enhancing version of the 7nm deep ultraviolet (N7 / DUV) and 5nm extreme ultraviolet (N5 / EUV) manufacturing processes.

Japan-South Korea trade disputes have caused the flash memory and memory two major memory chip markets to decline Aug 1, 2019

Trade disputes between Japan and South Korea have made the two major memory chip markets, flash memory and memory, worse.

CY2291 third generation clock generator Jul 31, 2019

CY2291 is clock/timer - clock generator, PLL, frequency synthesizer

Texas Instruments' 12-inch factory plan delays Analog ICs are weaker? Jul 31, 2019

The 12-inch wafer fab that Texas Instruments originally planned to start in 2019 in Richardson, Texas, will be delayed due to poor market conditions.

The BQ2408x series is a highly integrated lithium-ion battery Jul 30, 2019

BQ24086, BQ24088, BQ24085 are BQ2408x series are highly integrated lithium-ion batteries, ideal for low-dropout design of single-cell LiLi-Pol linear chargers, space-constrained Ion or Li for space-constrained applications -Pol pa...

Intel processor out of stock can be solved immediately Jul 30, 2019

Intel just disclosed its second-quarter earnings, with revenues of $16.5 billion, down 3% from $17 billion in the same period last year, and net profit of $4.2 billion, down 17% from $5 billion in the same period last year.

AD9059 Dual 8-Bit Single-Chip Analog-to-Digital Converter Jul 29, 2019

The AD9059 is a low cost, low power, small size and easy to use dual 8-bit single-chip analog-to-digital converter

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