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New trends in 2020 iot

Release on : Jan 4, 2020

The development of IoT chips still has a long way to go compared with China and the United States. Domestic Espressif ESPRESSIF, taking ESP32 as representative ESPRESSIF ESP32-S2 ESP32-D0WD-V3 ESP32-D0WD ESP32-D0WDQ6-V3 ESP32-D0WDQ6 ESP32-D2WD ESP32-PICO-V3 ESP32-PICO-D4 ESP8266EX ESP8285. Taiwan Reatek, Realtek RTL8722DM is not only the perfect solution for smart home, but also the best IoT solution for smart door locks and home wireless audiovisual entertainment equipment. Realtek RTL8773B is the best active noise reduction Bluetooth 5 dual-mode audio single chip, suitable for Bluetooth smart headset solutions.

Shenzhen MXCHIP, international ST and NORDIC. nRF52382 nRF51822 nRF5340 SoC nRF52840 nRF52833 nRF52832nRF52811 nRF51810 nRF51422 nRF51824 nRF9160 nRF5340 NORDIC is widely accepted in consumer electronics products such as smart bracelets, smart rings and other devices. ST chips and modules are more widely used. STM32 various types of modules and development boards.

Domestic server providers: Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Cloud. Google cloud abroad, Amazon cloud are providers of IoT servers. The server contains the storage, analysis, processing and transmission of all terminal data. Large companies provide small companies with soil for growth and development, and service providers show their magic. Smart homes, smart wearables, web cameras, smart locks, and smart headsets have all developed very well. There is still a problem of unity in order to integrate all the peripherals. This requires service providers to provide a unified port so that all peripheral developers can make the best choice.

Smart wear, pedometer, heart rate, electronic fence, GPS tracking, including heart rate sensor, gravity sensor, acceleration sensor. Solution providers provide APPs and rent servers to provide services to consumers. Translator, smart headset, robot, network monitor, air quality monitor. The Internet of Things module is connected to the rice cooker, air conditioner, water pipe, floor sweeper, TV, stereo, lighting, switch. The access of these consumer products to the Internet of Things is a change of the times.

Network monitors, in a series of home security products such as portrait processing technology, remote control, smoke detectors, smart locks, improve safety and practicality. The smart farm checks the air temperature, humidity, light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration, oxygen concentration, soil phosphorus fertilizer, potassium fertilizer, and other atmospheric pressure, water meters, and other data to determine the optimal operating decision after processing the collected data.

Smart e-commerce and logistics processing, applying RF technology to barcode processing. All e-commerce data is contained in barcodes of various uses. By managing the barcodes, you can handle the storage, storage, and out of the goods. A large amount of customer data is stored in the cloud data. It is also called big data. Big data can analyze the data of various demand indicators and statistically process the social imagination, purchase trends, industry competitiveness, price indicators of various industries, and operation status data. In addition, the analysis of individual customer data information can statistics such as purchasing preferences, consumption habits, and payment habits;

The healthcare sector also needs to further develop new capabilities. To introduce traditional applications, the extreme cooperation of the landing mechanism is required to produce results. Any technological innovation is a process of change of mind. The Internet of Things of the car is based on GPS positioning and various electronic display data of the car electronics. Video and audio information is recorded during the driving process. The navigator is connected to the Internet of Things. Another world-class technology: driverless technology. Human-computer interaction system, a machine-to-machine interaction system that automatically operates the car to reach its destination. Omni-directional cameras, GPS, Beidou satellite navigation, distance sensors, various cameras, detectors, face recognition, image processing, these are the most cutting-edge technology applications at present.

More Internet of Things technologies exists in every aspect of our lives. If you are interested in developing terminal devices, you can browse various materials and learn related technologies in professional development forums. Winsupport and happy to help you, we are an electronic accessories provider, you can contact us if you need it.


LoRa: The full name of LoRa is Long Range.

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