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The CMOS sensor market is growing rapidly

Release on : Sep 23, 2019

Image sensors are one of the most popular and important sensors in today's applications. It mainly uses the photosensitive cell array and the auxiliary control circuit to acquire the brightness and color signals of the subject scene, and outputs the digitized image information through complex signal processing and image processing techniques. Among them, the up-and-coming CMOS has become more and more prominent in recent years and has occupied most of the image sensor market.

CMOS image sensors have grown rapidly in recent years and are close to fully replacing CCD sensors. According to British survey company IHS Markit, global CMOS image sensor shipments will increase by more than 10% annually in 2018, and is expected to increase by 8.5% annually in 2019. IC Insights estimates that the image sensor market will grow to $19 billion in 2022 and will increase by nearly 40% from the 2018 estimate.

In the next few years, automotive, security monitoring, medical, toy/video games and industry will become the main driving force for the rapid development of CMOS sensors.

From the perspective of global competition, in the field of CMOS image sensors, the industry leader Sony accounted for 42% of the market share in 2016. The products cover various consumer electronics to automotive, security, industrial and other industries, and focus on the high-end market. The technical strength is the strongest.

Under Sony, Samsung is the mainstay of the consumer electronics market. Most of it is self-produced and sold. It is closely related to Sony in technology. It can already provide the same level of CMOS sensor as Sony, but Samsung has fewer industry-level applications.

Howe Technology has accumulated in the industry for many years, especially in the field of automotive CMOS sensor applications, the market share is even higher than Sony. Howe Technology and Samsung occupy more than half of the security image sensor field.