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STM32 application notes classification summary, mark it quickly!

Release on : Apr 21, 2022
STM32 application notes classification summary, mark it quickly!
We know that the STM32 ecosystem can be said to be huge and complete, and the technical documentation is also very comprehensive and rich. Commonly used STM32 technical documents include reference manuals of various series, chip data sheets, flash programming manuals, application notes, respective user manuals, etc.
Among them, the application notes often give a special and detailed technical and knowledgeable explanation for a technical topic, which is very helpful to the development of STM32 developers. On the whole, the number of such application notes is also relatively large, and version upgrades are often made.
Here, most of the application notes related to STM32 development are roughly classified and organized here for easy understanding and quick reference. When needed, go to to search for the number to read or download it directly. As for those application notes about project migration, they are not included here.
1 Tools
AN4989 STM32 debugging tools and debugging skills introduction
AN5054 Crypto programming with STM32CubeProgrammer
AN5361  uses STM32CubeIDE to develop based on STM32H7 dual-core chip
AN5394 Start developing based on STM32L5 chip using STM32CubeIDE
AN5360 Use STM32CubeIDE to develop STM32MP1 chip based on STM32MP1 AN5556 Develop STM32WL5X based on IAR EmbeddedWorkbench® and MDK
2 Timer articles
AN4539 STM32 High Precision Timer Application Guide
AN4776 STM32 General Purpose Timer Application Note
AN4759 STM32 RTC application design guide AN4013 STM32F1/F2/F3/L1 series timer overview AN3371 RTC application guide for STM32F0/F1/F3/F4/L1
3 Analog articles [ADC, DAC, OPAMP...]  
AN2834 How to get better accuracy of STM32 ADC
AN4232 STM32F3 Family Analog Comparator Getting Started Guide
AN5306 STM32G4 series on-chip op amp application introduction
AN5310 STM32F3 and STM32G4 series analog peripherals application guide
AN5346 STM32G4 series ADC application recommendation and reminder
AN3126 Audio or waveform generator using STM32 DAC
AN4566 Extended Application of STM32 DAC
AN4990 Getting started with ΣΔ digital interfaces for STM32
AN4629 ADC oversampling technology based on STM32L0/L4 chip
AN4195 Introduction to STM32F3 series on-chip ADC
AN4207 STM32F37X/38X Sigma-Delta ADC Application Note
AN4073 How to improve ADC accuracy based on STM32F2/F4
AN5354 STM32H7 Series 16-bit ADC Application Note
4 DMA articles
AN2548 STM32F0/F1/F3/GX/LX Series DMA Application Guide
AN4031 STM32F2/F4/F7 Series DMA Application Guide
AN5224 STM32 DMAMUX application introduction
AN5001 Introduction of Cube expansion package for STM32H7 MDMA
AN5593 How to use the GPDMA for STM32U575/585microcontrollers
5 ISP/IAP articles
AN2606 Overview of STM32 System Boot Modes
AN3155 Development of Startup Program Based on USART Protocol
AN4221 Development of Startup Program Based on I2C Protocol
AN4286 Development of Startup Program Based on SPI Protocol
AN3156 Development of Startup Program Based on DFU Protocol
AN5405 Development of Startup Program Based on FD CAN Protocol
AN3154  Startup program development based on CAN protocol
AN4045 Implements IAP function of STM32F3 based on UART protocol
AN4657 Implementing IAP function using USART
AN5275 STM32MP1 startup program based on USB DFU/USART protocol
AN5247 OTA wireless firmware upgrade based on STM32WB
AN3990 Firmware upgrade for STM32F4 DISCOVERY board using USB KEY
AN5185 STM32WB firmware upgrade guide
6 GUI articles
AN4860 Introduction to DSI host application of STM32F4x9/STM32F7X9/STM32L4R9
AN4861 STM32 LCD-TFT Controller Application Note
AN5051 Graphics memory optimization using STM32Chrom-GRC
AN4943 Refresh LCD-TFT using STM32 on-chip Chrom-ART accelerator
AN5020 STM32 On-Chip DCMI Interface Application Guide
AN4996 STM32F7 series jpeg codec application introduction
7 Clock articles
AN2867 STM8/STM32 oscillator circuit design guide
AN4631 Calibration for STM32L0 series on-chip RC oscillator
AN4067 Calibration for STM32F0 series on-chip RC oscillator
AN2604 On-chip RTC calibration for STM32F1 series
AN5067 How to optimize the accuracy of the STM32 on-chip RC oscillator
AN4631 Calibration for STM32L0 series on-chip RC oscillator
AN5676  Calibration for STM32F0 series on-chip RC oscillator
8 GPIO articles
AN4899 STM32 GPIO application design guide
AN5600 STM32L5 Series GPIO usage with TrustZone®
9 Memory articles
AN4894 STM32 on-chip FLASH analog EEPROM application guide
AN5050  Application introduction based on STM32 OCTO-SPI
AN4761  Based on STM32L4 series FSMC application guide
AN4838 STM32 Memory Protection Management Unit [MPU] Application Introduction
AN4839 STM32F7/H7 series L1Cache introduction
AN4760  Application introduction based on STM32 QUAD-SPI
AN4296 Application guide for using STM32F3/G4 CCM based on IAR/KEIL MDK/GNU IDE
AN2784  Based on STM32F1 series FSMC application guide
AN5188 External storage application guide based on STM32F7X0/STM32H750
AN5200 SDMMC controller application introduction based on STM32H7 series
AN4570 FMC controller based on STM32F3 series drives external memory
AN5122 Based on STM32MP1 series DDR routing guide
AN5168  DDR configuration based on STM32MP1 series
AN4826 STM32F7 series FLASH dual bank mode introduction
10 Power/Power Consumption
AN4621 Ultra-low power application introduction of STM32L4 series
AN4445 STM32L0 series ultra-low power application introduction
AN4991 Wake up STM32F0/F3/L0/L4 using USART/LPUART
AN4635 Using LPUART to optimize power consumption based on STM32L0/L4
AN5215 Power management for STM32H7 series
AN5284 STM32MP1 series power management
AN5014 STM32H7X3 Intelligent Power Management
AN5109 STM32MP1 low power mode
AN4365 Using STM32F4 MCU power mode swith best dynamicefficiency
AN5652 Power optimization for STM32U575/585AN5568 Ultra-low-power features of STM32WL Seriesmicrocontrollers
11 EMC/EMI articles
AN1709 EMC design guidelines for STM8/STM32 based applications
AN1015 Software Techniques for Microcontroller EMC Performance
12 Motors
AN5166 STM32 based motor driver library hardware design guide
AN5143 How to port from STM32 motor driver library v4.3 to v5.x
AN5464_Using X_CUBE_MCSDK or X_CUBE_MCSDK_FUL to control the position of a 3-phase permanent magnet motor
13 Communications
AN4655 Virtually increase the number of serial communication peripherals based on STM32 chip
AN4908 STM32 USART baud rate automatic detection
AN5348 STM32 FDCAN application introduction
AN4502 STM32Cube SMBus/PMBus expansion package introduction
AN3966 Demo code based on STM32F4X7 LWIP TCP/IP
AN3384 Demo code based on STM32F2X7 LWIP TCP/IP
AN5543 Enhanced methods of SPI communication on STM32  
14 Encryption and Security
AN5156 Information Confidentiality and Security in STM32 Application Development
AN4246 Introduction of PCROP application based on STM32L1 series
AN4730  Firewall application introduction based on STM32L0/L4/L4+
AN4992 Secure Firmware Installation [SFI] Overview
AN5421 STM32L5  TrustZone Development Getting Started
AN5347 STM32L5  TrustZone Features Introduction
AN5447 Introduction to Secure Boot and Firmware Upgrade Based on STM32L5
AN4729 STM32L0/L4 Firewall Overview
AN3429 STM32 Proprietary Code Protection [PCROP] Application Overview
AN5428 STM32L5 system memory RSS service introduction
AN5281 Application introduction based on STM32 OTFDEC
AN5056 X-CUBE-SBSFU Expansion Pack User Guide
AN4435 Development and use guide based on STM32 ClassB library
AN4758 Introduction of PCROP application based on STM32L4/L4+/G4 series
AN4968 Introduction of PCROP application based on STM32F7 series
AN4701 Introduction of PCROP application based on STM32F4 series
AN5601 HDP securearea for STM32H7B3xx microcontrollers
15 Introduction to STM32 hardware development
AN4555 Getting Started with STM32L4 Hardware Development
AN4467 Getting Started with STM32L0 Hardware Development
AN3216 Getting Started with STM32L1 Hardware Development
AN5211 STM32L5 hardware development introduction
AN4661 STM32F7 hardware development introduction
AN5093 starts development based on STM32G4 development board
AN5307 Getting Started with STM32H7A3/7B3/7B0 Hardware Development
AN5031 Getting Started with STM32 MP1 Hardware Development
AN4325 Getting Started with STM32 F0 Hardware Development
AN4938 Getting Started with STM32 H74X/75X Hardware Development
AN3320 Getting Started with STM32F2 Hardware Development
AN5096 Getting Started with STM32G0 Hardware Development
16 Others
AN3964 STM32L1 series temperature sensor application example
AN4099 Using STM32F0/STM32F3 to realize the transceiver of infrared remote control
AN4978 Design recommendations for using external SMPS based on STM32L4
AN5036 Thermal management guidelines for STM32 based applications
AN4746 Optimizing power consumption and performance with the STM32L4 family
AN4277 Motor/power control using STM32F30X/31X PWM braking characteristic polarity
AN5342 ECC management of STM32H7 series internal memory
AN5286 STM32H7 Dual Core Chip Debugging Guide
AN5557 STM32H745/755and STM32H747/757 series dual core architecture
AN3998 PDM audio decoding based on STM32
AN5305 Digital filtering application based on STM32G4 FMAC
AN4841 Application Guide for Using CMSIS DSP Based on STM32
AN5325 STM32G4 CORDIC Accelerator User Guide
AN4869 BlueNRG-1, BlueNRG-2 BLE OTA firmware upgrade
AN4666 Parallel Synchronous Transfer Using GPIO and DMA
AN4967 AT command example based on I-CUBE-LRWAN
AN3997 Record and playback using STM32discovery board
AN4800 Smart Card Application Based on STM32Cube Library
AN4711 STM32F0 based USB audio bridge application example
AN5027 is based on STM3