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Anji Technology participated in the integrated circuit super process technology workshop

Release on : Jan 12, 2022

Anji Technology participated in the integrated circuit super process technology workshop
Integrated Circuit Super Process Technology Workshop

Anji Technology participated in the integrated circuit super process technology workshop
-What's going on with advanced post-etch cleaning technology?
SHANGHAI, November 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- On November 19, the 2021 Integrated Circuit Ultra-Clean Process Technology Workshop jointly organized by the Integrated Circuit Materials Industry Technology Innovation Alliance and Cobaxter was successfully held in Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou. The meeting took the form of online and offline at the same time. There were about 80 people from senior management, technicians and scholars from the upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain such as integrated circuit manufacturing, silicon materials, process chemicals, photoresist, CMP materials, etc. Participated in this meeting to discuss the cleanliness control under the new technology requirements.

During the workshop, Wang Shengli, deputy director of product application of Anji Microelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. ("Anji Technology"), was invited to deliver a speech entitled "Cleaning Technology After Etching in Advanced Processes". In his speech, Wang Shengli mainly shared the cleaning process technology of post-dry etching residues in advanced technology nodes of logic devices, especially the cleaning technical indicators and actual data required for wet removal of titanium nitride hard masks. In the prospect of next-generation semiconductor process technology, Shengli Wang discussed the challenges and opportunities presented by new materials and new architectures in semiconductor processes for functional chemicals. The emergence of the GAA structure in the later generations of logic devices, the introduction of Ru and Air Gap; in 3D NAND devices, the extremely high aspect ratio brought by the stacking of higher layers and the introduction of Molly, and in the D1Z generation DRAM, The introduction of low K materials and new capacitor materials has brought many new and challenging functional chemical opportunities, and demonstrated Anji Technology's understanding and R&D layout for these new applications.

Wang Shengli said that Anji Technology's functional wet electronic chemicals have been stably supplied to different customers at home and abroad in large quantities over the past ten years. circle-level packaging. Anji Technology has always focused on the R&D and industrialization of CMP polishing liquids and functional wet electronic chemicals. After 17 years of accumulation and precipitation, Anji Technology has mature and strong R&D, production, technical support and quality control capabilities.

As one of the industry leaders in functional wet electronic chemicals, Anji Technology has been focusing on both domestic mature processes and the most advanced process technologies of international semiconductors, and researches and develops corresponding functional chemical technologies to satisfy domestic and foreign semiconductor companies for mature technologies. To meet the different needs of mass production and advanced process development, we are committed to seeking better cooperation with customers and partners to provide a strong supply guarantee for the integrated circuit industry.