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Siteway launched a full range of upgraded CMOS image sensor new products SC2336 and SC3336

Release on : Sep 9, 2021

Siteway launched a full range of upgraded CMOS image sensor new products SC2336 and SC3336

September 8, 2021, Shanghai, China — SmartSens, a supplier of advanced CMOS image sensors, officially launched a full range of upgraded image sensors equipped with DSI-2 technology-SC2336 and SC3336, with high-quality video The solution empowers the development of 2MP-3MP security and in-vehicle smart vision applications.
With the arrival of the smart video wave, the demand for CIS products in various application fields has increased sharply. According to Yole, a well-known survey agency, the global CIS market will reach 31.5 billion U.S. dollars by 2026. The automotive and security monitoring fields will become the driving force for CIS. The main driving force for the rapid development of the market.

DSI-2 technology, night vision full color is clearer!
The two new CMOS image sensors released this time use Siteway DSI-2 technology, which effectively improves the low-light imaging performance of the product. Taking the SC2336 as an example, its sensitivity has been significantly increased by 46.2% compared with the previous generation. Combined with Siteway's innovative SFCPixel® patented technology, the two products can still output excellent night vision full-color images in low-light environments.
Both day and night images are high-definition!
At the same time, SC3336 can realize High Gain and Low Gain dual-pixel conversion gain imaging by virtue of its unique PixGain technology, providing different gain options for day and night scenes to better adapt to changes in ambient light. At the same time, compared with the previous generation product, SC3336's full well electrons have been greatly increased by 60%, and the dynamic range has been increased by 5dB. It can output clear images no matter what day or night.

Lower noise and brighter colors!
Both SC2336 and SC3336 are equipped with Siteway ultra-low-noise peripheral reading circuit technology, combined with cinema-level color visual effects technology, to present more detailed and more realistic night vision full-color imaging. Taking SC2336's Chroma as an example, the low color temperature increased by 15%, and the high color temperature increased by 11.8%.
In addition, in view of the glare problem caused by backlighting, the electrical crosstalk (Blooming) of SC2336 and SC3336 is significantly reduced by 45% and 35%, respectively, compared with the previous generation products, which improves the flashing that is easily generated by the camera in backlit scenes and night shooting lights. Phenomenon.

Mr. Ouyang Jian, Deputy General Manager of Siteway, said: "5G has promoted the rapid upgrade and development of video images, and imaging performance has penetrated into various application scenarios such as smart security and in-vehicle electronics as the main technical basis, and continues to promote smart video analysis. Technology development. The two new upgraded products released by Siteway are based on the latest DSI-2 technology, and use Siteway’s advanced chip design technology and innovative craftsmanship to integrate the low-light imaging, color expression and noise of the products. Control and other performances have been refined again, and strive to provide a high-quality video image foundation for the current mainstream security surveillance cameras and high-definition driving image equipment."

At present, SC2336 has achieved mass production, SC3336 has accepted samples, and is expected to achieve mass production in October 2021.