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SG-51P 10.0000MC:ROHS SG-51P 10.0000MC:ROHS OSC XO 10.000MHZ CMOS TTL PC PIN - 986 Details
SG-210STF 1.8432ML SG-210STF 1.8432ML OSC XO 1.8432MHZ CMOS SMD - 71 Details
SG5032CAN 18.432000M-TJGA3 SG5032CAN 18.432000M-TJGA3 OSC 18.432000MHZ CMOS SMD - 500 Details
SG-210STF 8.2500ML SG-210STF 8.2500ML OSC XO 8.25MHZ CMOS SMD - 43 Details
SG-636PCE 33.3333MC0:ROHS SG-636PCE 33.3333MC0:ROHS OSC XO 33.3333MHZ CMOS SMD - 4000 Details
EG-2101CA 62.500M-DCHL3 EG-2101CA 62.500M-DCHL3 OSC XO 62.5MHZ LVPECL SMD - 250 Details
SG-210STF 20.0000MS3 SG-210STF 20.0000MS3 OSC XO 20.0000MHZ CMOS SMD - 250 Details
SG-210STF 14.31818ML SG-210STF 14.31818ML OSC XO 14.31818MHZ CMOS SMD - 25 Details
SG-531P 8.1920MC:ROHS SG-531P 8.1920MC:ROHS OSC XO 8.192MHZ CMOS TTL PC PIN - 19 Details
SG-531P 14.7456MC:ROHS SG-531P 14.7456MC:ROHS OSC XO 14.7456MHZ CMOS TTL PC - 1222 Details
SG-531P 5.0688MC SG-531P 5.0688MC OSC XO 5.0688MHZ CMOS TTL PC PIN - 0 Details
SG-51P 16.2570MC SG-51P 16.2570MC OSC XO 16.257MHZ CMOS TTL PC PIN - 0 Details
SG-51P 20.4800MC SG-51P 20.4800MC OSC XO 20.48MHZ CMOS TTL PC PIN - 0 Details
SG-51P 12.0000MC SG-51P 12.0000MC OSC XO 12.000MHZ CMOS TTL PC PIN - 0 Details
EG-2121CA 300.0000M-LHRAL3 EG-2121CA 300.0000M-LHRAL3 OSC SO 300.000MHZ LVDS SMD - 0 Details
EG-2102CA 156.2500M-LGPAL0 EG-2102CA 156.2500M-LGPAL0 OSCILLATOR SO 156.25MHZ LVDS SMD - 0 Details
EG-2121CA 100.0000M-LHPNL0 EG-2121CA 100.0000M-LHPNL0 OSC SO 100.000MHZ LVDS SMD - 0 Details
EG-2001CA 160.0000M-PCHL3 EG-2001CA 160.0000M-PCHL3 OSC SO 160.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 0 Details
SG-310SCN 25.0000MB3 SG-310SCN 25.0000MB3 OSC XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 0 Details
SG-210STF 10.0000ML SG-210STF 10.0000ML OSC XO 10.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 0 Details
EG-2121CA 100.0000M-PHPAB EG-2121CA 100.0000M-PHPAB OSC SO 100.000MHZ LVPECL SMD - 83 Details
SG-310SEF 27.0000MB3 SG-310SEF 27.0000MB3 OSC XO 27.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 750 Details
SG-51PTJ 32.0000MC:ROHS SG-51PTJ 32.0000MC:ROHS OSC XO 32.000MHZ TTL PC PIN - 46 Details
SG7050EAN 250.000000M-KEGA3 SG7050EAN 250.000000M-KEGA3 OSC 250.0000 MHZ LVPECL SMD - 250 Details
SG-9001CA C20P 25.0000MC SG-9001CA C20P 25.0000MC OSC XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 200 Details
SG-210STF 12.2880ML3 SG-210STF 12.2880ML3 OSC XO 12.288MHZ CMOS SMD - 1750 Details
SG-310SCF 48.0000MC3 SG-310SCF 48.0000MC3 OSC XO 48.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 1500 Details
SG5032CAN 22.579200M-TJGA3 SG5032CAN 22.579200M-TJGA3 OSC 22.579200MHZ CMOS SMD - 114 Details
SG-636PCE 32.0000MC0:ROHS SG-636PCE 32.0000MC0:ROHS OSC XO 32.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 1000 Details
SG-636PCE 40.0000MC0:ROHS SG-636PCE 40.0000MC0:ROHS OSC XO 40.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 1000 Details
SG-615P 3.6864MC0:ROHS SG-615P 3.6864MC0:ROHS OSC XO 3.6864MHZ CMOS TTL SMD - 1000 Details
SG-615P 18.0000MC0 SG-615P 18.0000MC0 OSC XO 18.000MHZ CMOS TTL SMD - 0 Details
SG-615PH 65.0000MC0 SG-615PH 65.0000MC0 OSC XO 65.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 0 Details
SG-51P 11.0592MC SG-51P 11.0592MC OSC XO 11.0592MHZ CMOS TTL PC - 0 Details
SG-615P 14.31818MC0 SG-615P 14.31818MC0 OSC XO 14.31818MHZ CMOS TTL SMD - 0 Details
SG-210STF 66.6670ML3 SG-210STF 66.6670ML3 OSC XO 66.667MHZ CMOS SMD - 0 Details
SG-210STF 66.6670ML SG-210STF 66.6670ML OSC XO 66.667MHZ CMOS SMD - 4 Details
SG-210STF 7.1591ML SG-210STF 7.1591ML OSC XO 7.1591MHZ CMOS SMD - 18 Details
SG-531P 3.579545MC:ROHS SG-531P 3.579545MC:ROHS OSC XO 3.579545MHZ CMOS TTL PC - 145 Details
SG-210STF 33.0000ML SG-210STF 33.0000ML OSC XO 33.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 1356 Details
SG-531PH 66.6667MC SG-531PH 66.6667MC OSC XO 66.6667MHZ CMOS PC PIN - 0 Details
SG-531P 3.0880MC SG-531P 3.0880MC OSC XO 3.088MHZ CMOS TTL PC PIN - 0 Details
SG-531P 10.2400MC SG-531P 10.2400MC OSC XO 10.24MHZ CMOS TTL PC PIN - 0 Details
SG-531P 22.1184MC SG-531P 22.1184MC OSC XO 22.1184MHZ CMOS TTL PC - 0 Details
SG-51PH 42.0000MC SG-51PH 42.0000MC OSC XO 42.000MHZ CMOS PC PIN - 0 Details
SG-51PH 55.0000MC SG-51PH 55.0000MC OSC XO 55.000MHZ CMOS PC PIN - 0 Details
SG-615PCG 25.0000MB3 SG-615PCG 25.0000MB3 OSC XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMD - 0 Details
HG-1012JA 20.0480M-BX0 HG-1012JA 20.0480M-BX0 OSC XO 20.048MHZ SMD 0 Details
TG-5500CA-50N 49.1520M3 TG-5500CA-50N 49.1520M3 OSC VCTCXO 49.1520MHZ SMD - 0 Details
EG-2102CA 200.0000M-PGPAL0 EG-2102CA 200.0000M-PGPAL0 OSC SO 200.000MHZ LVPECL SMD - 0 Details
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