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The “Belt and Road” circle of friends expanded in 2019

Release on : Dec 25, 2019

The guests spoke highly of the “Belt and Road” construction. Griegosh W. Koledek, Distinguished Professor of the Belt and Road Institute and former Deputy Prime Minister of Poland, pointed out that the “Belt and Road” initiative provides a Chinese solution to global economic problems. Former Kyrgyzstan Prime Minister Cho Omart Otorbayev believes that strengthening talent development is essential for the Belt and Road Initiative and the realization of high-quality development in China and the world.

From January to February 2019, Chinese companies directly invested US $ 2.25 billion in 48 countries along the “Belt and Road”, down 1.3% year-on-year, accounting for 13.6% of the total during the same period, and mainly invested in Singapore, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, and Saudi Arabia.

In terms of foreign contracted projects, from January to February, Chinese enterprises newly signed 721 foreign contracted engineering project contracts in 59 countries along the “Belt and Road”, with a contract value of US $ 12.23 billion, accounting for the newly signed contract value of China's foreign contracted projects in the same period. 53.2%, a year-on-year decrease of 8.3%; completed turnover of US $ 9.6 billion, accounting for 54.5% of the total during the same period, a year-on-year decrease of 10.1%.

The “Belt and Road” is the road to world opportunity

In 2019, the “Belt and Road” will spread new cooperation and win-win picture to the world. As of November 2019, the Chinese government has signed 197 intergovernmental cooperation agreements with 137 countries and 30 international organizations.

This year, under the "Belt and Road" framework, more cooperation projects have taken root, more cooperation areas have achieved breakthroughs, and more cooperation consensuses have been successfully reached. The “Belt and Road” has opened up new space for world economic growth, established a new platform for international trade and investment, and expanded new practices for improving global economic governance. The "Belt and Road" is a road of opportunity and prosperity for the world.

A growing circle of friends

In March this year, the Chinese president paid a state visit to Italy, and China and Italy signed a memorandum of understanding between the Chinese and Italian governments on jointly promoting the construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative. Italy became the first G7 country to sign the agreement. With the successive joining of Luxembourg, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, and other countries, in 2019, the `` Belt and Road '' circle of friends has expanded.

"Italy is willing to join the" Belt and Road "initiative, which will bring new opportunities for Italy." British Reuters pointed out that Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Malta, Poland, Portugal, and other EU countries have signed a joint construction with China " Memorandum of Understanding on Belt and Road Cooperation. According to Bloomberg News Agency, Italy and China will cooperate in the fields of culture, tourism, finance, and energy.

The BBC reports that Switzerland's accession to the “Belt and Road” initiative has had an extraordinary impact. Switzerland is known internationally as a political "neutral country", and is also a gathering place for the headquarters of international organizations. It has the world's most prestigious financial services industry. At the same time, for the Swiss economy, China's "Belt and Road" initiative will bring many benefits.

According to an article in the Swiss "Daily", China's "Belt and Road" initiative is one of the largest infrastructure projects of this century, and China's funds have given many countries access to much-needed investment in transport infrastructure. The BBC said Switzerland's support for the “Belt and Road” initiative showed that “European countries have adapted well to this initiative and they have every reason to participate in it”.

The British "Sun" said that the UK Department of International Trade is eagerly looking forward to the participation of British banks and British enterprises in the "Belt and Road" construction. The report quoted a source from the British government as saying that as a fast-growing and important economy in the world, China can provide Britain with a wealth of opportunities, and we must be prepared for domestic companies to take advantage of these opportunities.

Kazakh President Tokayev said in an interview during his state visit to China that Kazakhstan and China are actively promoting production cooperation in the fields of natural gas, nuclear energy, mining, and petrochemicals. These projects help create new jobs and create businesses that produce high value-added products. Tokayev said, "Just like two thousand years ago, the people of Kazakhstan and China are building the 21st Century Silk Road together, creating unlimited economic growth opportunities."