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Winsupport BOM purchase

Release on : Nov 19, 2019

Packaged procurement model based on the new BOM procurement method of the Internet
Overseas transactions include Digikey, Mouser, winsupport-ic, etc.
The source of procurement BOM information is generally derived from the summary of information on the design drawings and process cards. The procurement plan and production plan are arranged by the purchasing department or the production preparation department. PDM systems generally can summarize the corresponding procurement BOM information according to the drawings and process information, but if you want to obtain dynamic procurement BOM information for the product batch, you must complete it in the ERP system. For example, 100 batches of purchased BOMs and 10,000 batches of purchased BOMs may vary greatly in outsourcing and outsourcing. The outsourcing cost of parts that may be available in batch hours is relatively low, but it can be self-made when the batch size is large.
Many companies now use BOM to purchase raw materials and work materials, which are designed to be systematic and standardized. At the same time, many e-commerce platforms have also put forward the concept of “BOM one-stop procurement”. The main slogan is to enable users to save time and effort, and there are also many procurement BOM software, such as E-tree free BOM system, function. More powerful, it can automatically generate material code and a built-in database according to the class. It is easy to operate and can solve many troublesome problems.
Common pattern
In the pilot production stage, the BOM purchase list of small batches of components is often purchased in small quantities and many types of materials and its characteristics are often simply summarized as “small and diverse”. Due to the low total purchase amount of BOM materials, the amount is small and miscellaneous, agents often do not pay attention to BOM purchase orders when they are uncertain about the subsequent usage and whether they can get long-term orders. At the same time, however, the procurement of BOM is mostly for the purchase of materials in the R&D and rework stages, which has an obvious and extremely important position in the production cycle. Especially for the BOM in the research and development stage, if the qualified materials cannot be purchased in time, affecting the product proofing and testing, it will affect the development progress of the whole new product. For the electronics industry, where product upgrades are extremely fast, it will also lead companies to be at a disadvantage in the competition. For BOM purchases, they are often divided into:
1) Request samples from the original component factory
Many original manufacturers can provide free samples in small quantities, which is the cheapest way to get samples. However, it often takes a long time to wait, and it is not always possible to get samples. Some of the larger components of the original factory provide sample support services, such as Tyco, Onsemi, NXP and so on.
2) Purchasing from authorized agents
Need to find the agent authorized by the required brand, the normal agent's shipment is a formal quality assurance of the original components. But most agents are reluctant to unpack and sell them. Well-known companies can purchase suitable components.
3) Handed over to the distributor for purchase
The material delivery time is faster, and it is more compatible with all materials in the BOM table than from the agent procurement. The quality of the regular distributor's goods will not be a problem, but the price is equally expensive.
4) The price is the cheapest, the overall cost is the least, but "cheap and no good goods" are often very suitable here.
5) Purchasing from catalog distributors
The cost of purchasing materials is generally low, the delivery time is relatively fast, and the quality of materials is guaranteed. However, at the same time, many international catalog distributors have not carried out the RMB trading business, which indirectly has pushed up the material cost.
6) Through the BOM procurement service party (mostly for the BOM procurement website), the BOM procurement service package transportation and customs declaration through a group purchase method to reduce the cost of materials delivery to the country, so the overall cost is relatively high. low. The material supply is transparent, all from the agent, the quality is guaranteed, and the delivery time is fast, which can basically meet the delivery requirements of the purchaser. At present, BOMPACK is relatively well-known in China.