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Release on : Nov 22, 2019

Established in 2000, Sunlord (SSE: 002138) is a leading technology developer for the passive component industry, working across multilayer chip inductor, wire wound chip inductor, common mode choke, varistor, NTC thermistor, LC filter, chip antenna, ASM, transformer and Tantalum Capacitors. Our product lines have been widely applied to communications, consumer, computer, lighting, security, smart grid, medical equipment, automotive, aerospace, etc.

Vision:To Become a World Leading Supplier in Semiconductor Assembly and Test.

Mission:Maximizes Value to Our Customers, Shareholders, Employees and the Society.

Values:Respect, Comprehensiveness, Enterprise, Truthseeking.

Unisonic Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990, Unisonic Technology with a complete analog components product line, IC-based products

(including power management, power supply, power driver, LED driver chip, LED power supply, operational amplifier, comparator, digital power amplifier, logic IC, etc.)

Uni-Royal Group is the world‘s leading chip resistor and dip resistor industry leader, founded in 1978 in Hsinchu, Taiwan. With more than 38 years of development and experience, the global electronics industry has deep insight and innovative leadership capabilities. Group's four famous brands: ROYALOHM, UNIOHM, FOSS, AEON

Incorporated in 1992, Walsin Technology Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer of passive components with a one-stop-shop product portfolio and worldwide delivery platform. The company’s product lineup includes a multiple-layer ceramic chip (MLCC) capacitor/array, chip-resistor/array & networks, inductors, RF filters, disc capacitor, varistor, chip fuse, and antenna, etc.

PANJIT was established  in 1986

Sale discrete using the brand name of PANJIT

PANJIT holds the spirit of "Innovation", "Development", "Responsibility" and "Sustainability"; and the core of treating everyone/ everything with integrity.

PANJIT commits to serve customers with the best service, thus we have established sales offices worldwide. We have sites in North America, Germany, Korea, and China which allows us to provide better and prompt service.

Guangdong Fenghua Advanced Technology Holding CO.,LTD, which held the initial public offerings in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 1996(abbreviation of the securities is Fenghua, securities code is 000636),is a high-tech listed company engaged in the production of new high-end components, electronic materials, special electronic equipments and other basic electronic information products. Since entering the electronic component business in 1984, the company has achieved a leapfrogging development. It has become the biggest R&D, production and export base of new electronic components and basic electronic information products, an internationally known company in the business of new electronic components which has independent intellectual property rights and key technology of core products.

Yageo acquired Philips Passives in 2000; acquired Pulse Electronics and Brightking in 2018.

Yageo currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No. 3 in MLCCs, with a strong global presence - 38 sales offices, 19 manufacturing sites, 6 JIT logistics hubs, and 14 R&D centers worldwide. Yageo’s broad product offerings are targeting key vertical markets, including applications for consumer electronics, industrial, telecommunications, power & energy, IoT and automotive & transportation.

We serve diversified leading global customers, such as EMS, ODM, OEM, and distributors. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since October 1993, and GDR listing on the LUX since September 1994.

TSMC pioneered the pure-play foundry business model when it was founded in 1987, and has been the world’s largest dedicated semiconductor foundry ever since. The company supports a thriving ecosystem of global customers and partners with the industry’s leading process technology and portfolio of design enablement solutions to unleash innovation for the global semiconductor industry.

TSMC serves its customers with a global capacity of more than 12 million 12-inch equivalent wafers per year in 2019 and provides the broadest range of technologies from 2 microns all the way to foundry’s most advanced processes, which is 7-nanometer today. TSMC is the first foundry to provide 7-nanometer production capabilities and the first to commercialize Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology in delivering customer products to market in high volume. TSMC is headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan