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STMicroelectronics Introduces Flexible Car Level 12-Channel LED Driver Chip ALED1262ZT

Release on : Oct 21, 2019

In October 2019, STMicroelectronics introduced the 12-channel LED driver chip ALED1262ZT. The 12-channel LED driver can be used to drive the popular automotive rear combination lights and indoor lighting, supporting cool and innovative visual effects design.

Each channel has an independent 7-bit PWM dimming function, which provides flexible control of taillights, brake lights, and turn signals for dynamic visual effects. Each channel outputs a constant current of 19V, which can control the strip of light that is connected in series by multiple LED beads. The current adjustment range is from 6mA to 60mA. It ensures a wide range of brightness and brightness. It also guarantees a high maximum brightness. It supports the main microcontroller I2C command. Two different preset configurations are built in, which allows the drive to run independently and improve. Design flexibility.

The diagnostic functions of the AlD1262ZT include LED open circuit detection and over temperature alarm shutdown to provide protection for the durability and long-term stability of the lights. The 5.5V to 38V input voltage range can be used directly in the lighting power system connected to the battery. In addition, the AlED1262ZT is a low-noise LED driver with long turn-on/turn-off time per channel, supporting spread-spectrum clocking and simplifying integration with other in-vehicle electronics.

The ALED1262ZT is available now in a thermally efficient 6.4mm x 7.8mm HTSSOP24 exposed pad package.