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TDK introduces small film capacitors for DC busbars

Release on : Oct 18, 2019

On October 16th, TDK Corporation introduced the B3277*X/Y/Z series of capacitors, expanding the portfolio of EPCOS film capacitors for DC support. The new series of capacitors are available in a compact size, high capacitance density and high current capability. They are rated for operation from 500 V DC to 1200 V DC and have capacitance values ​​from 1.5 μF to 170 μF.


The new series capacitors have lead pitches of 27.5 mm, 37.5 mm, and 52.5 mm, depending on voltage and capacitance values, and each lead pitch is available in 4-pin or 2-pin models. The new series of capacitors are self-healing components that are RoHS compliant and have a maximum operating temperature of 105 ° C and a typical service life of 60,000 hours at rated voltage and 85 ° C operating temperature.

MKP capacitors are suitable for power factor correction of DC support circuits, DC filters, and industrial converters, as well as power supplies with high reliability requirements. Typical applications include X-ray equipment, LED street lights, induction cookers, and chargers.

main application

• DC support circuits, DC filters, and power factor correction for industrial converters

• Power supply with high reliability requirements

Main features and benefits

• Wide capacitance range: 1.5 to 170 μF

• High current capability: up to 36.5 A

• Compact size