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ROHM introduces new car-level LED driver IC that supports 12-inch LCD panels

Release on : Sep 25, 2019

According to foreign media reports, local time on September 17, Japan's ROHM Semiconductor Corporation (ROHM) announced the launch of the latest LED driver IC - BD81A76EFV-M, can optimize the LCD (liquid crystal display) backlight, mid-range information display in the dashboard And car navigation systems. Unlike traditional 4-channel drivers (supporting 8-inch LCDs), the IC supports 6-channel (120mA per channel) output 10 to 12-inch LCD panels. At the same time, the product uses ROHM unique buck-boost control technology, which is compatible with small and large LEDs with a single drive, so the drive can support both traditional panel designs and the latest large-size displays. It also makes it possible to develop a universal LCD control panel.


In recent years, in the automotive field, more and more LCDs have been used for instrument panels, head-up displays, and car navigation to increase visibility and design flexibility. In addition, the demand for larger screens is also increasing. At the same time, there is an increasing demand for high-brightness LED backlights and LED drivers with multiple channels and more advanced dimming functions to prevent flicker.

To meet the growing market demand, ROHM leverages industry-leading analog design technology and integrates proprietary technology into LED drivers for flicker-free panels and versatile control panel designs. The BD81A76EFV-M also allows designers to use larger LCD panels in automotive applications.


Key characteristics

1. Original lifting pressure control technology to realize universal control panel design

The BD81A76EFV-M integrates ROHM's proprietary buck-boost control technology for greater flexibility in LCD applications. The traditional 6-channel backlight LED driver uses only boost control and can only drive 36 to 60 LEDs (6 to 10 LEDs per channel), compared to the new ROHM driver IC that can drive 6 to 60 LEDs ( With 1 to 10 LEDs per channel), only a single drive can be used to drive not only large displays, but also small and medium panels for a universal control panel design.

2, advanced 6-channel output, compatible with the latest 12-inch display

The BD81A76EFV-M is equipped with a low-current constant-current driver for advanced 6-channel output (120mA per channel). Traditional 4-channel output products can only support 8-inch LCDs, while ROHM's new drivers can support 10 to 12-inch LCDs. In addition, the product uses Roma's original dimming technology, which achieves a immersion ratio of 10,000:1 for LEDs, improving visibility and design flexibility for mid-range information displays and dashboards.

3, low standby current, power consumption can also reach the minimum level

Using analog design expertise and process technology, ROHM reduced the standby current of the product to 10μA, which is less than one-third of the standby current of 40μA for equivalent functions.

4, with spread spectrum function to achieve high reliability, low noise operation

BD81A76EFV-M not only meets the international standard AEC-Q100 for automotive electronic products reliability, but also has a spread-spectrum function to prevent electromagnetic interference and meet the international standard "CISPR25" for noise in the automotive field, which helps to suppress noise interference. The stable operation of the vehicle system.

The drive's applications include: vehicle navigation systems, mid-range information display (CID), dashboard panels, head-up displays (HUD), electronic mirrors, small/medium-sized LCDs, and other automotive displays that require LED backlighting (up to 12) inch).