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The global CMOS market is booming and is expected to hit a record high for 13 consecutive years

Release on : Aug 29, 2019

On August 27th, IC Insights, a research institute, pointed out that although the economic growth this year and 2020 is expected to slow down due to the Sino-US trade war, the application of digital imaging products is gaining popularity, and CMOS image sensors will continue to maintain their record Sales volume and shipments, and this momentum will continue until 2023.

In recent years, the sales of global digital camera products have been in a state of sluggishness due to the impact of smartphone photos, but in sharp contrast, the image sensor market that both need is more and more prosperous.

According to market analysis reports of optical electronics, sensors and discrete devices before IC Insights, IC Insights predicts that CMOS image sensor sales will increase by 9% in 2019, reaching an all-time high of $15.5 billion, in 2020 will increase by another 4%, Sales will reach $16.1 billion.

IC Insights predicts that shipments of CMOS image sensors will increase by 11% in 2019, reaching a record 6.1 billion worldwide. The global economy is expected to enter a recession, with 9% growth to 6.6 billion in 2020.

In fact, since 2011, CMOS image sensor sales and shipments have been writing record highs for eight consecutive years. The research institute believes that the growth trend will continue until 2023, driving sales up to 21.5 billion yuan. The Shipments reached 9.5 billion units.

Further analysis of the market, 2018 CMOS image sensor revenue increased by 14%, reaching 14.2 billion yuan, of which, excluding units purchased by other countries for Chinese manufacturers, China accounted for 39% of all image sensors purchased in 2018, the United States Then accounted for 17%.

In terms of applications, camera phones used to be the largest end-user market for CMOS image sensors, accounting for 61% of sales in 2018, accounting for 64% of unit shipments, but other applications such as automotive, medical, and security are expected to be the future five years of market growth momentum.

The report shows that the automotive system is the fastest growing CMOS image sensor application. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of US dollar sales in 2023 increased by 29.7% to 3.2 billion US dollars, accounting for 15% of the total sales of the market in the year, and 2018 is 6%.

The highest sales growth rates in the next five years are expected to be:

Medical/scientific system (composite annual growth rate of 22.7% to $1.2 billion);

Security cameras (composite annual growth rate of 19.5% to $2 billion);

Industry, including robotics and the Internet of Things (composite annual growth rate of 16.1% to $1.8 billion);

Toys and games, including consumer-grade virtual/augmented reality (composite annual growth rate of 15.1% to $172 million).

The report also pointed out that mobile phone CMOS image sensor sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 2.8% to 9.8 billion US dollars in 2023, accounting for 45% of the total market, 61% ($8.6 billion) in 2018. It is expected that the compound annual growth rate of CMOS image sensors in personal computers and tablets will reach 5.6% in 2000, reaching 990 million US dollars. It is expected that the sensor sales of independent digital cameras (still picture photography and video) will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.6%, it reached $990 million. The SLR camera's annual compound growth rate of sensor sales in the next five years is only 1%, up to 1.1 billion US dollars.