Taiwan Semiconductor

Taiwan Semiconductor - Recognized for more than 37 years for its core competence in discrete power rectifiers, Taiwan Semiconductor has expanded its product portfolio to include trench schottkys, analog ICs, LED driver ICs, power transistors and MOSFETs, and now provides a complete solution from one source. Taiwan Semiconductor products are used in a vast array of applications in the electronics industry, including automotive, computer, consumer, industrial, telecom and photovoltaic. +More Through strategic expansion of innovative manufacturing capabilities, and its focus on pioneering efficient semiconductor solutions, Taiwan Semiconductor is committed to being the right choice for a successful and lasting business relationship and offers these key advantages:
  • Broad selection of semiconductor products from one source
  • Modern, efficient, and customer-oriented logistics processes
  • Maximum flexibility including customer specific requirements
  • Maximum level of quality and performance for customer applications
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P4SMA130AHR3G P4SMA130AHR3G TVS DIODE 111V 179V DO214AC - 1363790 Details
1.5SMC20A V6G 1.5SMC20A V6G TVS DIODE 17.1V 27.7V DO214AB - 873060 Details
P4SMA180CA M2G P4SMA180CA M2G TVS DIODE 154V 246V DO214AC - 1368095 Details
SMAJ43AHM2G SMAJ43AHM2G TVS DIODE 43V 69.4V DO214AC - 1409917 Details
SMBJ24AHR5G SMBJ24AHR5G TVS DIODE 24V 38.9V DO214AA - 859657 Details
1KSMB16CAHR5G 1KSMB16CAHR5G TVS DIODE 13.6V 22.5V DO214AA - 782482 Details
P6SMB82A M4G P6SMB82A M4G TVS DIODE 70.1V 113V DO214AA - 949102 Details
SMDJ33A V7G SMDJ33A V7G TVS DIODE 33V 53.3V DO214AB - 406242 Details
P6SMB33A M4G P6SMB33A M4G TVS DIODE 28.2V 45.7V DO214AA - 949102 Details
P6SMB56CAHR5G P6SMB56CAHR5G TVS DIODE 47.8V 77V DO214AA - 791662 Details
P6SMB12A R5G P6SMB12A R5G TVS DIODE 10.2V 16.7V DO214AA - 875612 Details
P6SMB11CA M4G P6SMB11CA M4G TVS DIODE 9.4V 15.6V DO214AA - 858090 Details
SMAJ58CAHR3G SMAJ58CAHR3G TVS DIODE 58V 93.6V DO214AC - 1169722 Details
SMAJ14CA M2G SMAJ14CA M2G TVS DIODE 14V 23.2V DO214AC - 1357492 Details
P4SMA47CA R3G P4SMA47CA R3G TVS DIODE 40.2V 64.8V DO214AC - 1295642 Details
SMAJ64A R3G SMAJ64A R3G TVS DIODE 64V 103V DO214AC - 1359285 Details
SMBJ22AHM4G SMBJ22AHM4G TVS DIODE 22V 35.5V DO214AA - 874357 Details
SMAJ51CA M2G SMAJ51CA M2G TVS DIODE 51V 82.4V DO214AC - 1357492 Details
SMA6J24AHM2G SMA6J24AHM2G TVS DIODE 24V 37.8V DO214AC - 1312790 Details
P4SMA91A M2G P4SMA91A M2G TVS DIODE 77.8V 125V DO214AC - 1460442 Details
SMAJ30AHM2G SMAJ30AHM2G TVS DIODE 30V 48.4V DO214AC - 1409917 Details
SMAJ85CAHR3G SMAJ85CAHR3G TVS DIODE 85V 137V DO214AC - 1169722 Details
SMBJ150AHM4G SMBJ150AHM4G TVS DIODE 150V 243V DO214AA - 923135 Details
P4SMA200CA R3G P4SMA200CA R3G TVS DIODE 171V 274V DO214AC - 1295642 Details
SMBJ14AHR5G SMBJ14AHR5G TVS DIODE 14V 23.2V DO214AA - 867402 Details
SMBJ48CAHM4G SMBJ48CAHM4G TVS DIODE 48V 77.4V DO214AA - 619335 Details
SMB10J9.0CAHM4G SMB10J9.0CAHM4G TVS DIODE 9V 15.4V DO214AA - 590545 Details
P6SMB130AHM4G P6SMB130AHM4G TVS DIODE 111V 179V DO214AA - 949102 Details
1.5SMC100CA V7G 1.5SMC100CA V7G TVS DIODE 85.5V 137V DO214AB - 577922 Details
SMAJ90CA M2G SMAJ90CA M2G TVS DIODE 90V 146V DO214AC - 1357492 Details
1.5SMC39A V7G 1.5SMC39A V7G TVS DIODE 33.3V 53.9V DO214AB - 760437 Details
1KSMB15CAHM4G 1KSMB15CAHM4G TVS DIODE 12.8V 21.2V DO214AA - 848930 Details
P4SMA51A M2G P4SMA51A M2G TVS DIODE 43.6V 70.1V DO214AC - 1460442 Details
SMAJ15AHM2G SMAJ15AHM2G TVS DIODE 15V 24.4V DO214AC - 1409917 Details
SMAJ130CAHR3G SMAJ130CAHR3G TVS DIODE 130V 209V DO214AC - 1169722 Details
SMAJ70CAHM2G SMAJ70CAHM2G TVS DIODE 70V 113V DO214AC - 1235185 Details
SMAJ85A M2G SMAJ85A M2G TVS DIODE 85V 137V DO214AC - 1429505 Details
SMAJ20AHM2G SMAJ20AHM2G TVS DIODE 20V 32.4V DO214AC - 1409917 Details
1KSMB10CAHM4G 1KSMB10CAHM4G TVS DIODE 8.55V 14.5V DO214AA - 848930 Details
SMAJ54AHR3G SMAJ54AHR3G TVS DIODE 54V 87.1V DO214AC - 1335255 Details
SMBJ40AHM4G SMBJ40AHM4G TVS DIODE 40V 64.5V DO214AA - 783005 Details
1.5SMC62CA V6G 1.5SMC62CA V6G TVS DIODE 53V 85V DO214AB - 663510 Details
P4SMA24CA M2G P4SMA24CA M2G TVS DIODE 20.5V 33.2V DO214AC - 1368095 Details
SMAJ22CAHR3G SMAJ22CAHR3G TVS DIODE 22V 35.5V DO214AC - 1169722 Details
1.5SMC150A V6G 1.5SMC150A V6G TVS DIODE 128V 207V DO214AB - 873060 Details
SMA6J20AHM2G SMA6J20AHM2G TVS DIODE 20V 31.4V DO214AC - 1312790 Details
P4SMA20AHR3G P4SMA20AHR3G TVS DIODE 17.1V 27.7V DO214AC - 1363790 Details
SMB10J13CA M4G SMB10J13CA M4G TVS DIODE 13V 21.5V DO214AA - 611127 Details
SMBJ20AHM4G SMBJ20AHM4G TVS DIODE 20V 32.4V DO214AA - 927920 Details
P4SMA20AHM2G P4SMA20AHM2G TVS DIODE 17.1V 27.7V DO214AC - 1440005 Details
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