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Abracon LLC.

- Abracon LLC., is a global manufacturer of frequency control, signal conditioning, clock distribution and magnetic components. Abracon offers a wide selection of Quartz Crystals, Crystal and MEMS Oscillators, Real Time Clocks, Antennas, Bluetooth Modules, Ceramic Resonators, SAW Filters and Resonators, Inductors, Transformers and Circuit Protection Components. The company is ISO9001-2008 certified with design & Application Engineering resources in California & Illinois; and Sales offices in Texas, California, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Scotland, and Germany. Abracon's products are offered through its Global Distribution Network.

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ASFL1-14.7456MHZ-EK-T ASFL1-14.7456MHZ-EK-T OSC XO 14.7456MHZ HCMOS TTL SMD 15000 Details
ASFLMB-25.000MHZ-LC-T ASFLMB-25.000MHZ-LC-T OSC MEMS 25.000MHZ CMOS SMD 12500 Details
ASDM1-27.000MHZ-LC-T ASDM1-27.000MHZ-LC-T OSC MEMS 27.000MHZ CMOS SMD 32500 Details
ASV-150.000MHZ-EC-T ASV-150.000MHZ-EC-T OSC XO 150.000MHZ HCMOS SMD 22500 Details
ASV-7.3728MHZ-EJ-T ASV-7.3728MHZ-EJ-T OSC XO 7.3728MHZ HCMOS SMD 20000 Details
ASE-10.000MHZ-LC-T ASE-10.000MHZ-LC-T OSC XO 10.000MHZ CMOS SMD 15000 Details
ASDMPLV-100.000MHZ-LR-T3 ASDMPLV-100.000MHZ-LR-T3 OSC MEMS 100.000MHZ LVDS SMD 7500 Details
ASFL3-24.000MHZ-EK-T ASFL3-24.000MHZ-EK-T OSC XO 24.000MHZ CMOS SMD 7500 Details
ASFLMB-50.000MHZ-LC-T ASFLMB-50.000MHZ-LC-T OSC MEMS 50.000MHZ CMOS SMD 37500 Details
ASEMPC-24.000MHZ-Z-T ASEMPC-24.000MHZ-Z-T OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ CMOS SMD 12500 Details
ASHEK-32.768KHZ-LT ASHEK-32.768KHZ-LT OSC XO 32.768KHZ CMOS SMD 7500 Details
ASFLM1-8.000MHZ-C-T ASFLM1-8.000MHZ-C-T OSC MEMS 8.000MHZ CMOS SMD 47500 Details
ASDMB-24.000MHZ-XY-T ASDMB-24.000MHZ-XY-T OSC MEMS 24.000MHZ CMOS SMD 20000 Details
ASEM1-14.7456MHZ-LC-T ASEM1-14.7456MHZ-LC-T OSC MEMS 14.7456MHZ CMOS SMD 15000 Details
ASDMB-150.000MHZ-LY-T ASDMB-150.000MHZ-LY-T OSC MEMS 150.000MHZ CMOS SMD 12500 Details
ASEMPC-25.000MHZ-LR-T ASEMPC-25.000MHZ-LR-T OSC MEMS 25.000MHZ CMOS SMD 10000 Details
ACH-25.000MHZ-EK ACH-25.000MHZ-EK OSC XO 25.000MHZ TTL PC PIN 16895 Details
ASE-25.000MHZ-LC-T ASE-25.000MHZ-LC-T OSC XO 25.000MHZ CMOS SMD 65000 Details
ASE-12.000MHZ-LC-T ASE-12.000MHZ-LC-T OSC XO 12.000MHZ CMOS SMD 57500 Details
ASEM1-50.000MHZ-LC-T ASEM1-50.000MHZ-LC-T OSC MEMS 50.000MHZ CMOS SMD 72500 Details
ASV-3.6864MHZ-EJ-T ASV-3.6864MHZ-EJ-T OSC XO 3.6864MHZ HCMOS SMD 12500 Details
ASAK-32.768KHZ-LRS-T ASAK-32.768KHZ-LRS-T OSC XO 32.768KHZ LVCMOS SMD 10000 Details
ASE3-25.000MHZ-LC-T ASE3-25.000MHZ-LC-T OSC MEMS 25.000MHZ CMOS SMD 10000 Details
ASFL1-20.000MHZ-EC-T ASFL1-20.000MHZ-EC-T OSC XO 20.000MHZ HCMOS TTL SMD 12500 Details
ASE3-25.000MHZ-EK-T ASE3-25.000MHZ-EK-T OSC XO 25.0000MHZ LVCMOS SMD 17500 Details
ASDMB-25.000MHZ-LR-T ASDMB-25.000MHZ-LR-T OSC MEMS 25.000MHZ LVCMOS SMD 27500 Details
ASEK2-32.768KHZ-LRT ASEK2-32.768KHZ-LRT OSC XO 32.768KHZ CMOS SMD 30000 Details
ASAK1-32.768KHZ-LRS-T ASAK1-32.768KHZ-LRS-T OSC XO 32.768KHZ LVCMOS SMD 10000 Details
ASE-1.8432MHZ-LC-T ASE-1.8432MHZ-LC-T OSC XO 1.8432MHZ CMOS SMD 17500 Details
ASEMB-20.000MHZ-LC-T ASEMB-20.000MHZ-LC-T OSC MEMS 20.000MHZ CMOS SMD 10000 Details
ASPI-0410FS-100M-T35 ASPI-0410FS-100M-T35 FIXED IND 10UH 560MA 380 MOHM 17500 Details
AISC-0603HP-R22J-T AISC-0603HP-R22J-T FIXED IND 220NH 280MA 1.9 OHM 15000 Details
AIAP-01-4R7K-T AIAP-01-4R7K-T FIXED IND 4.7UH 1.7A 68 MOHM TH 12500 Details
ASPI-0403-4R7M-T ASPI-0403-4R7M-T FIXED IND 4.7UH 1.15A 108.7 MOHM 11250 Details
ASPI-2515-2R2M-T2 ASPI-2515-2R2M-T2 FIXED IND 2.2UH 1.5A 100 MOHM 10000 Details
AISC-1008F-1R2G-T AISC-1008F-1R2G-T FIXED IND 1.2UH 650MA 800 MOHM 10000 Details
AISC-0805-R047G-T AISC-0805-R047G-T FIXED IND 47NH 500MA 310 MOHM 10000 Details
AIML-0805-R39K-T AIML-0805-R39K-T FIXED IND 390NH 200MA 650 MOHM 10000 Details
AIML-0805-2R2K-T AIML-0805-2R2K-T FIXED IND 2.2UH 30MA 650 MOHM 10000 Details
AIML-0603-56NK-T AIML-0603-56NK-T FIXED IND 56NH 50MA 300 MOHM SMD 10000 Details
AIAP-03-470K AIAP-03-470K FIXED IND 47UH 3.98A 35 MOHM TH 20905 Details
ASPI-8040S-680M-T ASPI-8040S-680M-T FIXED IND 68UH 1.25A 196 MOHM 20000 Details
AIAP-01-2R7K-T AIAP-01-2R7K-T FIXED IND 2.7UH 2.5A 33 MOHM TH 12500 Details
AISC-1008-R18J-T AISC-1008-R18J-T FIXED IND 180NH 620MA 700 MOHM 10000 Details
AISC-0603-R047J-T AISC-0603-R047J-T FIXED IND 47NH 400MA 270 MOHM 90000 Details
AIUR-04-123J AIUR-04-123J FIXED IND 12MH 40MA 40 OHM TH 8825 Details
AISC-0603F-180J-T AISC-0603F-180J-T FIXED IND 18UH 80MA 10.4 OHM SMD 7500 Details
ASPI-0630LR-150M-T15 ASPI-0630LR-150M-T15 FIXED IND 15UH 3A 120 MOHM SMD 22500 Details
ASPI-0315S-220M-T ASPI-0315S-220M-T FIXED IND 22UH 400MA 430 MOHM 10000 Details
ASPI-0418FS-4R7M-T3 ASPI-0418FS-4R7M-T3 FIXED IND 4.7UH 1.9A 70 MOHM SMD 7500 Details
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